Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Renga Style

I will always be thankful for my huge family and the crazy gatherings we have. This year's thanksgiving had to be the best ever, while at the same time, melon collie being the first year without my uncle Joe. Nearly the whole clan was there, sans Geralyn and Rick and my cousins. What made this one so great is that we had about 10 more people decide to attend at the near last minute, a day before. With the huge turkey and all the extra food planning, we didn't end up eating until like....8:30, which is certainly the latest I've ever had a thanksgiving dinner. In fact, I hear some people have more of a thanksgiving lunch. WTF? I'd totally be up for that. Give your body the rest of the day to digest and what not.

I took it upon myself to make the gravy, so I started ahead of time making a roux. My sister saw the finished product and thought it was gravy, so she stuck her finger in it saying "oh gravy!" and then yelled in pain when she found out she had stuck her finger in to hot oil and flour. But my sister's minor injury aside, the gravy turned out very good, and I received some props on it. Well done, all in all.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm a Terrible Person

I was pulling in to one of the many parking lots on State st. and I noticed the car in front of me, a really nice Jaguar. In the passenger seat was a blond teenaged girl who looked like she was emulating either Paris Hilton, or more accurate, one of the cast members from Laguna Beach. Behind her was a teenaged boy, probably her brother, who looked like he was trying to emulate one of the male cast members from Laguna Beach. Driving the car was a woman, most likely their mother, a blond lady who looked like she was emulating her daughter, emulating a female cast member on Laguna Beach. They were in front of me in line waiting for a ticket as the lot was full. After about 30 seconds of waiting he reverse lights go on, and she backs up just a tad and halts, then the reverse lights go off. She opens her door and gets half way out, looks back at me and asks:

"It says it's full, what do I do?" I reply,

"You have to wait for someone to leave." I sure as hell wasn't moving.

"I have to wait?!"

"It doesn't take that long." And with that, she gets back in her car and about 20 seconds later the machine beeps and a ticket was ejected from the dispenser. Instead of taking the ticket, she sees this as a sign to drive forward. Thank goodness she realizes that the gate hasn't been raised and she stops, realizes her snafu, backs up just outside of arms reach of the ticket, opens her door and leans the extra distance. The gate opens, she goes in, life goes on. What makes me a horrible person is that right after this happened, in between grinning like an idiot and thinking "this is too good," I say, out loud, the words: "this is so going in my blog." Yes, yes I know, I'm a total jackass.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Strange thoughts come to mind when you're in the lab at 4 in the morning

For instance, in Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure, people from the future travel back in time to ensure the existence their utopia because they reason that they might blink out of existence from something that already happened and obviously led to their existence anyway. To accomplish this they give two stoners the means to travel further backwards in time and kidnap important military and influential figures from history, not at all worried that by doing so the afore mentioned stoners (the pillars of their utopia) will probably be erased from time themselves.

Clever. George Carlin still looked cool in his future clothes though.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Posted from the G.S.I.L. lab - Guaranteed 100% Fresh "Miserable Student"

I've been in this damn lab all fucking day. I was in it all day yesterday. I'll probably be in it all day tomorrow, and a good chance I'll be in it all day Friday. I really can't complain, since this is what I signed up for. It probably wouldn't be this bad if I had done more school work last week, but last week more important things had priority and I've no regrets. I've certainly had an interesting meal plan today though: on the way out from my place today I grabbed two leftover brutish, one from two nights ago and one from last night, from Rudys and Super Cucas respectively.

On the eating of leftover burritos: A cold Rudy's is very easy to eat, since Rudy's uses refried beans in their burritos which become more solid when cold. A Super Cucas burrito, on the other hand, uses whole pinto beans and is just as likely to fall apart in your hands when cold as when hot. Nonetheless, both partial burritos (not quite summing to a whole burrito) were eaten successfully, and they were both delicious. I'm about to hit "next" on my mp3 player because I really don't want to be listening to Sigur Ros right now...ah...this is much better. "Dear" by Carbon Leaf, off of their amazing album Echo Echo.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I hate this feeling

Wanting to play a video game when you've got homework I can handle. Wanting to watch a movie or some TV or just plain goof off when you need to study I can handle. Being stick with homework when you want nothing other than to be spending time with friends sucks.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bye Aspen! The Friday That Didn't End Until It Was Over

Up at 7:30. Breakfast provided (and insisted upon) by Aspen's dear mum. Fried potatoes scrambled with eggs and cheddar cheese, delicious, and exactly the kind of thing you want to eat before sitting for about 6 hours straight. The drive down was pretty nice, aside from finding out that our van had no amp and thus no music. Traffic only hit on the way back up, but I wasn't too late for work. After 6+ hours of driving, off to work from 3 to midnight. After work, off to wildcat because I was invited to have drinks with someone, and who in their right mind would turn that down, even if I was delerious at the time! Ah well. Now Aspen's gone. Saying goodbye was hard, but it's not like I can't visit. Aspen's little bro and I shall make with the road trippage as soon as the time is right.

Worst.Smile.Evar. It looks like I have no teeth and I'm trying to hide the fact.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Complexity of Human Connection

Becoming attached to a person more than you've been attached to them before and then watching them leave for another state really sucks. Crying also sucks. It sucks because I become forced to admit I'm a fucking mess and or some type of drama queen variant. I hear it also sucks because it does not feel good to hurt. I would confirm these rumors as true. Well tomorrow I say goodbye to someone who has suddenly and without warning become an important part of my life; thanks for the good times had.

Battle To The Death!

No holds barred cage match, in the octagon, to the death! Two books enter, one book leaves! You know the rules, this is Thundah-dome! Liberal commies vs Conservative facists!

I just found this old picture of Sister and Mom. How adorable.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Driving Under the Influence

But only a little. I'm on vicodin right now, thanks to the debilitating pain in my ass. I'm not sure how else I can describe where it is...somewhere close to my hip...somewhere in my glut. All I know is that every now and then it comes back to haunt me, probably originating from some injury I received from not taking care of myself in the past 5 years. It hurts when I make any sort of movement involving my legs. I'm hanging out with Aspen last night and it starts out as a mild pain causing me to limp. By the time the evening is finished having watched the most awesome film, Psycho Beach Party, I'm having more trouble walking. I don't know why in God's name I turned down an offer of some tylenol, I think maybe I thought I had some at home. By the time I've driven back, I have to walk slowly back to the house because it just hurts to much to walk. What follows after that is basically an entire evening of fucking horrible pain, not being able to sleep, walking at a rate of 10 ft/min in baby steps as I make desperate second searches for pain killers, etc. At one point I tripped and literally could not get up, at which point I started crying from both the pain but more so the frustration. I eventually did get up, called my mom and asked for help. I didn't want her driving at night so ended up driving up there to have some of her vicodin and spend the rest of the night up there. I kept the bottle, with her blessing. I REALLY don't like whatever is wrong with my whatever muscle it is.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Where is your God now?

Cower before Giant Jack, destroyer of worlds, devoueror of souls, auditor of taxes. Posted by Picasa