Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Time Is Valuable Young Man, Only I May Waste It!

I was at the Home Depot today getting keys made for Shaun and I for our new place, and I was waiting in line for customer service to ask where I get the keys made (turns out my initial guess was correct and I waited for nothing; c'est la vie). Their line was pretty lengthy and there was no one behind the desk, and in fact I had seen the people who were behind the desk leave to help a pretty demanding customer. Having worked in retail for 4 years I know what it's like to try to run a store when short-staffed, and how hard it is to keep everyone happy, so I waited patiently. This old guy, hereafter referred to as Mc'Farty, was getting visibly impatient, making jokes to me about how bad the service is, etc. Funnier than Mc'Farty's jokes, however, were the outcomes of his rude attempts at getting attention from the busy staff, such as when he tried to use the store phone to access the PA system to broadcast his cause to the entire store; Yes, customers actually pull shit like that, and a quick side note, on most MUD servers, using a broadcast feature out of character to announce something stupid will get you in trouble; Mc'Farty was making both a social and RPG faux pas. I say that Mc'Farty tried to use the PA system because all he earned were a few beeps in his ear for not knowing the right key code. Ha.

The titular part of the anecdote is as follows. When help did finally arrive, Mc'Farty waived his right to be serviced and instead insisted on speaking to a manager to complain. I asked where I go to have keys made, and that was that. Twenty minutes later when my keys were done, I saw Mc'Farty still waiting off to the side for the manager with a proud and stoic look on his face, bless his little heart. I looked at the sign with the picture of the manager and saw a guy not much older than me, in his later 20s. I knew from experience, that on this busy Saturday with an understaffed store, that grumpy old people complaining is the very last on his priority list, as is the case in nearly every large cooperate store. I think it's funny because Mc'Farty not only probably thought that he was high priority, but that he had at that point officially waited longer for the manager than he had during the wait that had originally pissed him off, and if my hunch was correct, he'd easily wait another 20 minutes before he was given any attention. I really hope I don't get like that when I get old. If I do, they better not make me wait, my time is bloody important.