Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm a Terrible Person

I was pulling in to one of the many parking lots on State st. and I noticed the car in front of me, a really nice Jaguar. In the passenger seat was a blond teenaged girl who looked like she was emulating either Paris Hilton, or more accurate, one of the cast members from Laguna Beach. Behind her was a teenaged boy, probably her brother, who looked like he was trying to emulate one of the male cast members from Laguna Beach. Driving the car was a woman, most likely their mother, a blond lady who looked like she was emulating her daughter, emulating a female cast member on Laguna Beach. They were in front of me in line waiting for a ticket as the lot was full. After about 30 seconds of waiting he reverse lights go on, and she backs up just a tad and halts, then the reverse lights go off. She opens her door and gets half way out, looks back at me and asks:

"It says it's full, what do I do?" I reply,

"You have to wait for someone to leave." I sure as hell wasn't moving.

"I have to wait?!"

"It doesn't take that long." And with that, she gets back in her car and about 20 seconds later the machine beeps and a ticket was ejected from the dispenser. Instead of taking the ticket, she sees this as a sign to drive forward. Thank goodness she realizes that the gate hasn't been raised and she stops, realizes her snafu, backs up just outside of arms reach of the ticket, opens her door and leans the extra distance. The gate opens, she goes in, life goes on. What makes me a horrible person is that right after this happened, in between grinning like an idiot and thinking "this is too good," I say, out loud, the words: "this is so going in my blog." Yes, yes I know, I'm a total jackass.


Blogger circuitmouse said...

Shame she probably wouldn't even know what a blog is. That would have made it all the more worthwhile.

3:13 PM  

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