Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Posted from the G.S.I.L. lab - Guaranteed 100% Fresh "Miserable Student"

I've been in this damn lab all fucking day. I was in it all day yesterday. I'll probably be in it all day tomorrow, and a good chance I'll be in it all day Friday. I really can't complain, since this is what I signed up for. It probably wouldn't be this bad if I had done more school work last week, but last week more important things had priority and I've no regrets. I've certainly had an interesting meal plan today though: on the way out from my place today I grabbed two leftover brutish, one from two nights ago and one from last night, from Rudys and Super Cucas respectively.

On the eating of leftover burritos: A cold Rudy's is very easy to eat, since Rudy's uses refried beans in their burritos which become more solid when cold. A Super Cucas burrito, on the other hand, uses whole pinto beans and is just as likely to fall apart in your hands when cold as when hot. Nonetheless, both partial burritos (not quite summing to a whole burrito) were eaten successfully, and they were both delicious. I'm about to hit "next" on my mp3 player because I really don't want to be listening to Sigur Ros right now...ah...this is much better. "Dear" by Carbon Leaf, off of their amazing album Echo Echo.


Blogger Chris said...

I think the world is as little a pencil base. I was going to sleep after watching a movie when in fact i should have gone to bed directly because I have to wake up at 7:00 am GMT. I took a look at my blog before and clicked the ''next blog'' button at the right top of blog just by curiosity. Then this blog appeared and wouldn´t be so surprising if I hadn't saw that wow pumpkin ^^.
I'm a spanish university student (college as you say at uuss I think) and I have a more or less similar life as yours. In fact I've being complaining of how much do I have to sacrifice in order to finish my studies.
I spent the whole summer playing wow but now I have a job at weekends, along the week going to university and after studying in the afternoon going to gym in order to be on fit as I always have done fitness.
I have a ultrauber level 60 warrior on Kor'gall europe server but I'm afraid im gonna sell the account because I have not time at all to play.
I just found funny seeing that wow reference at your blog, seems a lot of people plays World of warcraft.
Well nice to meet your blog and good luck with your life, remember that there is always anybody worst than you, we live in rich countries and at least we have the chance to be somebody.
I'm afraid that you maybe won't know any word of spanish, I just say that because my blog is written on spanish but if you want to write anything don't worry I speak english and I will understand you.
In fact all my guildmates of wow speak in english and I use to practice the listening with audiobooks I download for my Ipod. Bye ^^

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