Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Renga Style

I will always be thankful for my huge family and the crazy gatherings we have. This year's thanksgiving had to be the best ever, while at the same time, melon collie being the first year without my uncle Joe. Nearly the whole clan was there, sans Geralyn and Rick and my cousins. What made this one so great is that we had about 10 more people decide to attend at the near last minute, a day before. With the huge turkey and all the extra food planning, we didn't end up eating until like....8:30, which is certainly the latest I've ever had a thanksgiving dinner. In fact, I hear some people have more of a thanksgiving lunch. WTF? I'd totally be up for that. Give your body the rest of the day to digest and what not.

I took it upon myself to make the gravy, so I started ahead of time making a roux. My sister saw the finished product and thought it was gravy, so she stuck her finger in it saying "oh gravy!" and then yelled in pain when she found out she had stuck her finger in to hot oil and flour. But my sister's minor injury aside, the gravy turned out very good, and I received some props on it. Well done, all in all.


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