Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Write To Marry Day

It's Write To Marry Day today. In the spirit of things I took what I wrote in my last post and re-vamped it a little, and then submitted it to the Santa Barbara News Press as a letter to the editor, inspired also by this great letter to the editor I read over at BTB. I think the News Press must be getting at least a dozen letters on Prop 8 per day, and there's nothing terribly good or special about mine, so I doubt it will get published, but here it is:

Please Help Me Protect Families

I want to appeal to your empathy, but please don't dismiss it a fallacy. I want to appeal to your love for your family, as I cherish my own. I am son to Chris and JoAnn, grandson to Noel and Lenore, Joseph and Helen. The relationships and bonds that strengthen my family are those that we are being asked by Proposition 8 to ignore and deny to same-sex couples.

Please don't be persuaded by claims that domestic partnerships are equivalent to marriage. This issue is not about the total count of benefits that make up each, it is about whether we are willing to look a family in their eyes and tell them they cannot have legal marriage, to instead settle for something separate but mostly equal. These families do and always will exist. These families are our friends and neighbors, they belong to our schools, our secular and religious communities, and we must lift them up, not categorize them separately.

I respect that we all have different views and values concerning what makes marriage sacred, and I know that we all value our families. I know that we can coexist without those views being threatened or our families being diminished. We can all enjoy our equal right to legally marry in the eyes of our government. Please don't take that right away from so many families and couples; please don't put a limit on what my relationships are allowed to become; please vote No on proposition 8.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Simple Plea

Next month Californians will all have the opportunity to vote on Proposition 8, which, if passed, will end the right for same-sex couples to marry, a right which has existed since the ruling from "In Re Marriage Cases" in the California Supreme Court this past summer. It will do this by amending our state constitution, and for the first time placing in to our constitution language that places restrictions on rights rather than defending them.

I respect your view of marriage.

I respect your traditions, your religious beliefs, and all that you hold dear concerning marriage. I respect and acknowledge that for you, true marriage only exists in one specific form, or only through an honored religious ceremony.

We can coexist peacefully along side each other, each with our own values concerning what marriage is, what it means to us, and how we choose to honor it. We can coexist peacefully in this way without any of us having to feel like second-class citizens in the eyes of our government; we can all enjoy the right to be legally married in the eyes of our state.

Please do not amend and destroy my right to legally marry in California. Please do not be persuaded and tricked by anyone who tries to convince you that in doing so you would be protecting children's education or your church's autonomy. Please vote No on Proposition 8, and maintain the legal right for all couples to marry.