Thursday, May 25, 2006

E3 expo, now with E3!

My friend Joe who works for the video game developer Withheld in Withheld got Mike and I badges for E3 this year, and, being my first time and all, it was a total blast. I could only go on wednesday and friday which meant driving back and fourth twice, but I wasn't able to miss class. Still, 2 out of 3 days isn't bad. Photos follow:

10 or so years since I used the powers of up, down, left, right and space to help this guy save that dumb-ass sorority blond and he hasn't aged a day.

I parked my car at a golf course in Montebello under a telephone line with lots of birds on it, and they pooped on my Decepticon logo. This has nothing to do with the convention.

A life-sized suit of armour from the Final Fantasy Universe. Customers who reserve a special editon of FF12 recieve one of these in the special edition packaging. That is, I think the armour IS the special edition packaging.

Outside view of the convention center, which doubled conveniently as shameless plugs for not only big-name video games, but more importantly, the films they represent.

My best friend on the lonely drive up for day #2. (no, not my crotch, the jelly bellies)

Mike told me to strike this pose. I don't know what he was thinking. I don't know what I was thinking by saying yes, and I don't know what sonic was thinking by letting me say yes despite not knowing what Mike was thinking.

I don't know, so do please indulge me, what the fuck? I think the people playing the game knew what the fuck, but they sure weren't telling me what the fuck.

This is me playing New Super Mario Bros on the new DS lite. Taking this picture was very tricky.

Metal's tribute to the WoW gaming community: Leeroy Jenkins: Paladin of the Horde

I tried to take a picture of Nintendo's Huge-gantic-ormous booth but I was deflected and stunned by its radiance and ended up taking this bloody horrible picture of the ceiling instead.

The look on Joe's face is right about after I told him that that was a trick arcade machine, and now he had Hepatitis-C.

Sega and Sonic toys that I was not allowed to buy, only observe behind glass.

This is Scramble, and it was one of the uprights in the History of Video Games exhibit in Kentia Hall. For as long as I can remember, in my parents house the glass case covering the screen, with all of its artwork and game instructions, has been used as a picture frame. I don't know where my Dad got it from....well aside form the obvious answer: "he got it from a Scramble upright arcade."

T'was on the first day when I found the blessed holy land.

Promotion for America's Army (be the video game or the actualy military, either way) included paratroopers landing in a nearby parking lot to show all the kiddies how much fun you get to have in the military before you land in someone else's country and get shot by people defending their ho....I'm sorry, by terrorists.