Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For Posterity (who am I kidding)

I think I'm going to write this post because I want to have a personal written account of what I did the day of the greatest stock market crash in US history, maybe to help cement it in my memory so that I can tell my grand kids great nieces and nephews what I was doing. Actually, it was a pretty full day. I got up early so that I could have breakfast at Max's with my Grandmother, and then I stopped at work but really only long enough to say goodbye to whomever was there to hear it. I got dropped off at SBA, caught my flight to PDX and had a pleasant conversation with a French teacher about life in big cities, dating, and education. Back in Portland, I headed to my now-standard coffee shop to work, and later in the evening helped my friend Greg restore his lap top's wireless capabilities that the instillation of Service Pack 3 had completely gimped. When I got home I was so exhausted that I fell asleep fully clothed on my bed while still holding a glass of The Balvenie, which I then spilled on myself, waking up smelling like a drunk Scotsman.

That day's Talk of the Nation was brilliant.


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