Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Parents Spent 4 Days Dressed As Klingons And All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt

Comic-Con 2006 is come and gone, my 6th time in 7 years (last year was the first time I hadn't gone since my first time). It's true what they say, that the first year is always the best and nothing quite matches the "magic" of that first time: staying late at the convention center top floors watching anime with Luke and Lisa's huge crowd and eating jelly beans, learning for the first time the concept of getting sketches from your favorite artists, going to your first panel and seeing stars from your favorite sci-fi shows.

Even still, this year was a total blast, possibly even more so because of the fact that I missed last year. Cherrished memories this year include driving down with Josh and Jim, my first Brazillian BBQ, dinner at Freds with Luke and Lisa, the drive back with jim and nonstop good conversation, getting my Joe Phillips sketch, and of course Josh getting pissed out of his mind, being dragged back to the hotel making enough noise to get the cops called to our room and finaly puking on the floor at the foot of my bed. On a similar note, Josh's visits are never long enough. I really need to make a trip of my own up to Utah. Select comic-con photos follow:

Sci-fi channel's new booth (well, either new this year or last, new to me either way) was a very cool sort of sculpture that had couches built in to it.

Nintendo had large presence this year in the form of a very large nintend DS booth. Here swaths of people gather around the download station.

Artistic and very stylized toys seem to be a very big trend right now. I thought these ones were kind of cool.

Luke and Lisa at our annual dinner at Freds, the coolest Mexican place in all the Gaslamp.

At comic-con it's very hard to make your booth stand out, but Adult Swim pulled it off with flying colors.

This is great: a yoai booth was selling paddles that said "Yaoi" with both "softcore" and "hardcore" sides, as well as the ingenius shirt also seen in the photo.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Believe You'll Find It Next To The Cooking Section

A woman came in to borders and asked for the "section on how to cure homosexuality." Yes, a whole section. Now before I could tell her that our ex-gay section had been changed in to the travel section, I was sort of busy standing with my jaw agape next to my coworker Caitlin, jaw also agape. I was thinking of about a hundred different funny things to say in response, but Caitlin beat me to it with a very simple "uh....the....Christian section?"

I don't think that was quite the answer she wanted, in fact I think she wanted to hear something like "right this way ma'am," and then leading her in to a special alcove where she could find such sub categories as "Violent Methods," "Methods Involving Electrodes," "Beating Over Head With Bible," and face-out books on special with titles like "8 Minutes to Craving Pussy!", "He's Just Not That In To You (Because He's Straight Now, You Fag!)," and maybe "The Devil Wears Prada And We're Here To Exorcise The Demons, Homo!"

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You Think You've Gotten Over Someone

And then you have a dream about them where you're every bit as attracted to them, possibly more so because of how emotions seem to be magnified in our dreams. On the bright side the dream took place in a very cool dreamscape I've not dreamt about for a while.

I look forward to wearing these two new shirts I ordered:


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Killed a Squirrel Today


It was all my fault. For starters I was driving too fast down the small road that leads to Mammoth, which usually has a lot of squirrels running around, secondly, when I think about it I probably shouldn't have broke, as maybe the squirrel had taken in to account my speed and planned on missing my tires, but then I decelerated and maybe that threw him off. Either way, I hit the poor little guy and got to watch in my rear-view as it spasamed on the ground. Feeling just...terrible, I had to back up and try run him over again to put him out of his pain.

I think that might be why I ended up taking a nap that lasted until 1:30 AM. A completely fucked up sleep schedule is my punishment.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Borders Corporate Addresses The True Threat To The Workplace

The new employee handbook...I'm sorry, field guide, has been released to Borders stores everywhere, so be sure to be on the lookout for new and improved quality service from your local friendly booksellers. It's the usual stuff mostly, "new and exciting paradigm," "engage the customer," "be familiar while embracing exciting changes," and similar such bullshit. One of the useless cosmetic changes is that now all employees are officially "booksellers," instead of being a bookseller, or a cafe seller, a register clerk, etc. Having the right label is apparently key to properly embracing new paradigms.

Anywhozen, the real meat of the handbook, wherein Borders addresses the most serious threat to the modern workplace, is where the field guide spells out its policy on blogging, the tool of the devil and all would-be destroyers of worlds.

Ignore the highlighted part for now...I'll get to that in just a moment. I just don't get it...we're a fucking bookstore chain, I just don't see why there is a need for a blog policy. It's as if the people who get paid (too much) to write this dren felt left out when they saw all the big important companies making headlines for firing people over discussing company-eyes-only stuff on their blogs. Still, I love the bulleted items of the policy. First off, out computers are the very definition of "ass," short of having a small orifice for expelling waste. We don't even have the capability to connect to most of the internet outside of a very small set of selected addresses. On top of that, how exactly is "do not use company time to blog" not covered by the more general and all-encompassing "hey dumb ass, don't dick around while you're on the clock?"

The anti-discrimination thing, covered more explicitly in other parts of the field guide, basically means, don't be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, to a fellow co-worker on your blog. Personally, if someone wants to call me a "filthy faggot" on his or her blog then that's their right, and it's not Borders' place to step in and fire that person as a result. Besides, who doesn't enjoy a nice healthy blog war?

The highlighted part is the best, making you think that the (over-paid) person writing this must not have completely known what he was talking about. I really don't even have to explain it: I'm told to respect fair use, and then in the same sentence, I am forbidden from using Borders logos in my blog. Just so we're clear on which logos those are:

In other news, someone must have forgotten to carry the 2 or something because I was selected as employee of the month. Whoop-dee-floofle-doo. Although, the $25 gift card and lunch with my boss isn't bad.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Take Care, Colorfull Crabs; Capture Comes Without Caveat!

There were these really pretty crabs in a spot where we were snorkeling in La Paz. I think the one picture came out really nicely because it was so close to the surface of the water and the lighting was good.

Apparently my brother had taken 4 or so and brought them back to the harbor in hopes of populating the place with pretty crabs. I'm sure the crabs were really thankfull for that, as I know I'd love to be snatched off of some scenic island house to be dumbed off in a smelly shit-hole in downtown LA.