Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Digs part 3: Newest Digs

I'm writing this, I think, about a couple months or so after I created the post, so the associated date does not at all reflect my laziness, and I want to be honest on that front. I am very lazy. I'm also very living in a new place. In fact, the time spent on laziness has allowed my new place to collect more things, and I can show nicer pictures! One can't simply make a post about a new place that's nothing but a bunch of moving boxes and spent plasma cells. Goodness, no.

I've moved in with a good friend of mine from college, both of us having decided that we would probably make good house mates, both of us having fairly similar standards for cleanliness and a good number of common interests (the most obvious one being other guys). After what turned out to be a pretty depressing sequence of failures in applying for housing, we found a really nice place downtown that's close to where both of us work, especially so for myself (5 blocks).

So far...I think it's safe to say that we're both enjoying post-college life. We have a year lease for this place, and come the end of it, I'll have to re-evaluate my life. Pictures follow. Correction: one picture follows, one of my room. Turns out it's the only picture I've got so far...but as a service to myself, I'm going to post more as they become available.