Thursday, June 29, 2006

We're Having Fun!

And yes, the menu my uncle is using says "Gringo."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Rode The Red One

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Breach of Etiquette; A Man Proves His Douchebaggary

Today at work a man was using his cell phone as his mp3 player. This in and of itself is really not all that bad or shocking, even though it is sad to see people using cell phones as their mp3 players, since it makes it seem like they've totally been sold on the lie that cell phones can make good mp3 players. What this guy did to forge new territory in being a complete tool was that he wasn't using earphones...he was pulling the 2006 equivalent of holding a boom box on your shoulder and blasting your music for all to hear, only instead of walking a busy city street, he was in the sci-fi/fantasy genre section of a bookstore...blasting his country music on his belt-strapped cell phone. Instead of asking him to stop with the, I thought it would be better to make sure each and every coworker had a chance to whiteness him in all of his bastardly glory before making the not-so-subtle overhead announcement that customers are reminded to check out our exciting selection of headphones.


It's 6:40 AM, I'm on 3 hours of sleep, and I'm heading out the door for the summer family vacation to Mexico. The sleep thing is from Mike and Chris having coaxed me in to going to eat at Brew House (never a bad thing and in fact always a very good thing) and to a bar afterwards, wherein we stayed out pretty late. We were supposed to go check out a band that Chris knew through one of his friends at The Neighborhood, which was formerly the last dedicated gay bar in town, Hades, but when we got there at about 10 and heard no music playing, yet still were told there was a cover charge of $5, we promptly concluded to head to The Sportsman to play foosball instead. Unless it's a band I know I'll like, or unless I can be promised lots of attractive guys on the dance floor who are of my...persuasion, I'm not big on cover charges.

Time to leave now. di.FM has played DJ Food's "The Crow" 3 times now in a row. Way to go guys. At least mess up and play something repeatedly that isn't on a mix I already own.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

But I Hate Sports...

I never get athlete's foot, as a general rule, except for maybe a couple of times when I was a kid and that maybe have just been something I thought was athlete's foot because my feet were itchy. Keeping in line with the pouring-when-raining bylaws of fate and irony, I actually get athlete's feet (well just one foot actually) and it's so bad that I need prescription strength treatment for it. On top of that, the infection was compounded with a poison oak infection; double my pleasure.

There's a policy at work that's not really a general Borders policy but apparently more of a store rule that open toed shoes can't be worn, for good reason, I admit. Still, having a good reason for a rule isn't, in my opinion, enough to enforce said rule even under special circumstances. In this case, special circumstances equaled my foot swelling up to Hobbit proportions when spent all day in a shoe, while standing. I tried to explain to one of my supervisors that in my 3 years at the store I had not dropped a single thing on my foot nor had a lost it in a industrial strength book shredder, and how this establishes a pretty low probability of a foot incident, low enough to let one employee go a day in sandals to save him some pain. Alas. I took a picture of the infection when it was swollen, but I'll not post it for reasons of etiquette.

However, I will post this picture from the student health building. The label that is blurry and hard to read (because camera phones are absolutely worthless) reads: "Anal Scopes, KY jelly, and something I can't read or remember." Of all the drawers and all the labels, it was the only one with a happy face sticker.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Summer School

Summer's here, the end of a year that I view as a general academic failure. My grades weren't what I wanted them to be, the last two quarters I was doing less work that I should have been, and I can't seem to find any type of masters project that I'm interested in. I hate to think that I'm burning out in school when I'm this close. Non academic-wise, it's been a great year. Chris was an awesome roommate for the 7 months we lived together downtown, QSU had great activity and membership this year and I got to meet some great new faces. The only sour note that the year ended on was getting sort of rejected by someone I really had a thing for. Well, not so much flat out rejected as me deciding when to take a hint. Unfortunately it seems like now I'm being completely ignored and avoided, and while that's happened once in the past, the other time it was someone I barely knew so it didn't really hurt so much as it sort of just ticked me off. In this case, things have been friendly and casual and he's a really great guy. I've been flirting but with no results or response (and thus my taking the hint), and while I'd be happy to at least be friends it's starting to seem like that's not gonna happen, which is really kind of...bumming me out. This is all assuming I'm not simply letting my imagination run wild here of course...I mean, all it takes is about a week of ignoring me before I think it's intentional, but while getting rejected is one thing, being avoided has a unique sort of sting to makes you feel like a weirdo, like you must have been a creep or done something bizzare to drive the person away. Another lesson learned I guess...or, I'm not sure if there's a lesson here...ah well.

Joe's back in town for a couple days as well as another friend who's been away at college in San Jose, so this is looking to be a great weekend. For now though, I've got some Syrah and a book, one of many I want to read over the summer, so I shall get

Friday, June 09, 2006

Move it or Loose it Sister: Epilogue...or...The New Digs: Part 2: Newer Digs

I'm out of the temporary arrangements at my parents' and in to my new place in Goleta, which is just so wonderful for so many reasons. It could be not having to deal with the nerotic rules of my Mother, it could be the awesome house I moved in to, it could be my very cool roomates, it could be the fact that I'm now a stone's throw from both work and school (as opposed to a 15 minute drive on the 101), or it could very well be a nice combination of all of these things. My new landlord is a kindly old lady who, in an example of her kindness, is willing to buy me paint if I want to repaint my room. We even have a really nice back yard with a Lowquat tree and a charming wooden tool shack covered in ivy. It's just super. Pictures follow: