Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're Overwhelmed

I came home from work the other day and found a framed portrait on the couch; I didn't give the photo much attention, I figured it was something that belonged to my housemate that he was planning on hanging. A bit later when he came in from the garage...

"Hey, did you see the gift our landlady sent us?"

"She sent us a gift? For what? Is it that picture of some guy that I saw?"

"I don't really know why she sent it to us. Did you see who it is?"

"It was some guy in a hat, I didn't really recog.."

"It's Mel Gibson. It's a signed autograph of Mel Gibson."

"......shut up."

The disbelief didn't last that long because it was quickly replaced by the giddiness of the surreality of it all: our landlady, virtually out of the blue, sends us a nicely framed autographed photo of Mel Gibson. It's so delightfully random that I love just thinking about it. I like to imagine that she might be some sort of collector of autographed photos of famous people. Maybe one day she thought of us and wanted to send us a gift, and then, like some fine connoisseur selecting a delectable little tidbit from her collection, not at all one of her most prized but at the same time delightful in its own special ways, she blows off the dust and wraps it up, smiling all the while.

Despite the horror behind the idea of having Mel Gibson up on our wall, not only is this a photo of pre-anti-semitic-crazy-face Mel Gibson, but both my housemate and I have agreed that given the circumstances, this is just too completely and utterly an awesome thing to not hang on our wall.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Breaking News From Liberty Counsel

Liberty Counsel, the socially conservative law firm famous for showing us how "freedom of religion" really just means "Christianity; everyone else can take a number," has made a breakthrough in their understanding of National Day of Silence:

"Students Have the Right Not to Remain Silent on the Day of Silence"

Amidst responses such as "No shit, Sherlock," "OLD!," and "noob! lolz," I'm hoping that their next epiphany might be along the lines of "Straight Christians Not Obligated to Have Gay Marriages." I won't, however, hold my breath. There's a post at Good As You that points out certain embellishments Liberty Counsel has taken.

More over, considering the socially conservative opposition to Day of Silence, a response they call Day of Truth, you can almost picture a parallel headline: "Students Have the Right Not to Be Truthful on the Day of Truth," though for the people behind said counter-protest, I hardly expect this to be news to them.