Thursday, April 17, 2008

Breaking News From Liberty Counsel

Liberty Counsel, the socially conservative law firm famous for showing us how "freedom of religion" really just means "Christianity; everyone else can take a number," has made a breakthrough in their understanding of National Day of Silence:

"Students Have the Right Not to Remain Silent on the Day of Silence"

Amidst responses such as "No shit, Sherlock," "OLD!," and "noob! lolz," I'm hoping that their next epiphany might be along the lines of "Straight Christians Not Obligated to Have Gay Marriages." I won't, however, hold my breath. There's a post at Good As You that points out certain embellishments Liberty Counsel has taken.

More over, considering the socially conservative opposition to Day of Silence, a response they call Day of Truth, you can almost picture a parallel headline: "Students Have the Right Not to Be Truthful on the Day of Truth," though for the people behind said counter-protest, I hardly expect this to be news to them.


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