Thursday, October 13, 2005

Interesting Development

Many of my friends whom I've had conversations with on the subject of being gay and coming out, etc, will be familiar with a part of my extended family, my Aunt and Uncle, with whom I'm not exactly thrilled to come out to. The problem is that my Aunt and Uncle are conservative Christians, and as the stereotype would have it, they don't agree at all with homosexuality. One of my brother's friends, hereafter referred to as dumb shit decided to out me to my Aunt and Uncle's family. I don't particularly care how he found out, my best guess is perhaps myspace or something similarly internet related. I'm more concerned with how his brain stopped functioning the moment he decided to tell this news to my cousin, who has sort of a reputation for being a tad homophobic. Where things get interesting is that before I learned of this I made an appointment with my Aunt at her salon (my aunts have been doing my hair since I can remember, sort of a family hook up). My cousin, also in that family and with whom I am already out and on very good terms called me to warn me that tomorrow might be awkward and that my Aunt might bring the subject up.

So here's the thing....I just REALLY don't need this shit right now. On the eve of the dance that I've been organizing since school started which has been keeping me insanely busy and stressed out enough, this added stress doesn't help. I'm supposed to be printing out pictures of Optimus Prime and other 80's pop culture stuff, and instead I'm writing this. What's worse is I asked my cousin to subtly mention to my aunt that it is a touchy subject for me and I don't want to discuss it with her, and I learn that it spiraled in to an argument about the Christian religion's acceptance of homosexuality (or lack thereof). This, all on the eve of her birthday. Great. I love my cousins, and I love my Aunt and my Uncle and admire many great things about them, which is why it's heartbreaking that this has to divide us as it is. I really wish things didn't have to be this way, but that's life I guess. I should be thankful that it's not my parents playing the role of the conservative Christians and empathize with the unfortunate gay youths who find themselves in that situation.

I didn't get to use the assigned name "dumb shit" enough. I'll just end it on this note, directed at dumb shit himself: what the fuck were you thinking man?


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