Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Boys of Summer...

...are hot. Well, they're also gone, as my close personal friend and confidant Don Henley once said. Tomorrow is the last day of summer, and currently 3 months ago I'm being laughed at by myself who is saying "ha, sucks to be you, I've got 3 months of summer." Time becomes very non-linear when you get home after midnight from work, and I'm sure Don Henley would agree with me. My goal this summer could have been a responsible one, such as...I dunno, do research, get an internship, etc, but as things went I ended up just playing video games, all the while justifying it on the grounds that I never have time to play during the school year. I shall recap:

Half Life (shut up, I know it's old)
Half Life 2
World of Warcraft
- Turned Level 40 (my goal for the summer)
Myst: Uru
Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Not bad...I guess. I never did get around to replaying Shadows of Amn and Deus Ex. I can live with that. This school year will be the first in my new place downtown, complete with a long ass drive from Castillo to Los Carneros each day for class. I can live with that too. It helps that I'm only 2 blocks from the beach, The Brew House, and the local gay bar.


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