Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bang Zoom Wow Explode Bang!

I saw Serenity the other night with the ol' crew and wow, let me say, I think it exceeded the theatre's building codes for maximum ass kicking. I think the roof almost came down on top of us, but it would have been worth it! Also, now that I have both months of nagging from my friends to watch the Firefly episode as well as a really fucking cool movie, I've decided it would be best to go ahead and watch said episodes.

Even having not ever seen Firefly, the film was very enjoyable, but you could also tell where things were added for the fans. Speaking of the fans, they deserve every amount of service that the film had to offer, as it was partially their effort to bring back Firefly that probably landed the funding for this film. Being one of the "scapers" that tried so hard to get Farscape back on the air I know what that's like. Firefly was critically acclaimed but didn't make the ratings; Farscape was critically acclaimed but didn't make enough ratings to justify the gazillion dollar budget each episode had.

Also, I can't quite put my finger on an exact definition of this idea, but do you ever notice that in a movie or miniseries following a TV show, when the characters make their first appearance on screen it seems sort of forced and hokey? And the actors, they often seem a little unsure of how to act their role, and then later sort of settle in. It happened in the X-Files movie when we first see Mulder and Scully, Mulder giving some fucking HUGE diatribe of Mulder-speak, myself feeling like I was hit over the head with a baseball bat labeled "This if Fox Mulder, from the TV show!" It happened in the Farscape mini series Peacekeeper Wars when beloved character after not-so-beloved character kept busting out on the screen like some sci-fi chorus line. In Serenity, when each character appeared on screen after the introductory scene (which was very very cool BTW. Think "layers"), it was almost as if a narrator was screaming in my ear "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's BELOVED CHARACTER #3!"

But again, my observation aside, very cool flick. I might see it again.


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