Monday, September 12, 2005

Rock on, Sister

Last night I went to Wildcat Lounge with my friend's Marcos and Christian. Sunday nights is the gay night there, and it's usually pretty fun, and this particular Sunday, the number of lesbians pretty much matched the number of gay guys. My whole thing is, I'm used to all of the queer parties in IV and on campus at UCSB where there are hardly ever any lesbians, just guys, and usually a bunch of straight girls (oft-referred to as "hags"or "fruit flies"). It usually bugged me because, for one, it sucked for my lesbian friends to be surrounded by nothing but a bunch of gay guys, and second, it just bugs me in general when things are unbalanced ;)

So we're dancing surrounded by lesbians and I was just so jazzed by the whole setting that I shouted (over the music) to my friend, "holy crap check out all the lesbians, this rocks!"

My friend quickly pointed out to me that I may have offended someone and that they could easily kick my ass. After thinking for a second I realized he probably meant that I could have been mistaken for some straight guy oogling at "teh hot lezbianz," in which case, I probably would have deserved a good beating. Regardless, either no one heard me or no one was offended, so all is well.


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