Thursday, June 15, 2006

Summer School

Summer's here, the end of a year that I view as a general academic failure. My grades weren't what I wanted them to be, the last two quarters I was doing less work that I should have been, and I can't seem to find any type of masters project that I'm interested in. I hate to think that I'm burning out in school when I'm this close. Non academic-wise, it's been a great year. Chris was an awesome roommate for the 7 months we lived together downtown, QSU had great activity and membership this year and I got to meet some great new faces. The only sour note that the year ended on was getting sort of rejected by someone I really had a thing for. Well, not so much flat out rejected as me deciding when to take a hint. Unfortunately it seems like now I'm being completely ignored and avoided, and while that's happened once in the past, the other time it was someone I barely knew so it didn't really hurt so much as it sort of just ticked me off. In this case, things have been friendly and casual and he's a really great guy. I've been flirting but with no results or response (and thus my taking the hint), and while I'd be happy to at least be friends it's starting to seem like that's not gonna happen, which is really kind of...bumming me out. This is all assuming I'm not simply letting my imagination run wild here of course...I mean, all it takes is about a week of ignoring me before I think it's intentional, but while getting rejected is one thing, being avoided has a unique sort of sting to makes you feel like a weirdo, like you must have been a creep or done something bizzare to drive the person away. Another lesson learned I guess...or, I'm not sure if there's a lesson here...ah well.

Joe's back in town for a couple days as well as another friend who's been away at college in San Jose, so this is looking to be a great weekend. For now though, I've got some Syrah and a book, one of many I want to read over the summer, so I shall get


Blogger Zeroes said...

The bottom line: cute guys are often flawed, avoid them at all costs.

The unfortunate truth: cute guys are impossible to cut out of life, as their cuteness will always work it's way under your defenses. Bastards.

12:17 PM  

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