Sunday, April 23, 2006


Last night was co-worker Meagan's B-day bash at Caitlin's house, which is in a nice little far corner of IV where you can actually find parking, and that's saying something because I think the actual word "parking" was not only removed from Isla Vista dialect, but every time you mention the word the skies darken, the ground shakes, and passing old Jewish women mumble something and spit on the ground. We were going to the car for a trip to freeb!rds which you don't eat because it's awesome but rather because it's open, and as I'm getting in the car Marcos or Veronica start freaking out about some kind of animal in the bushes next to the passenger side of my car. If I was drunk I would have ran away screaming and tearing off my clothes but since I was only slightly buzzed I approached the bushes and made a hissing cat-like "fssssss!" sound as loud as I could over and over again (because I am dumb). I was thinking...worst case scenario, a raccoon jumps from the bush on to my face and introduces me to the world of reconstructive surgery, but instead a cute little baby skunk started exiting the bush towards us. EVEN THOUGH IT WAS CUTE....and it really was cute.....we dialogued over our options for about 3 or so minutes, put it to a vote and then, screaming, climbed in to the car as fast as possible.

It was sort of a blur....we may have just gone straight for the screaming and car-climbing-into part.


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