Saturday, April 29, 2006

Move it or Loose it Sister, Bonus Stage

Things have transpired. I'm now in the middle phase of my move, aptly named the Space Paranoids phase for no other reason than I really like the movie Tron. I'm back in my old room at my parents' place, having completely cleaned it out and steam cleaned the carpet so that it's livable. Although, I don't think I waited long enough for the carpet to dry because I swear there's a faint mildew scent. I've got my new bed set up and everything that goes on top of it. Why are Nautica brand bed sheets so damn expensive, and why do coupons for linens and things and Bed Bath and Beyond always exclude Nautica stuff?

I have to get out of here. If all goes well and I get picked I'll only be here for a month when this place in Goleta opens up, but I'm already starting to go insane. The other day I think my mother mathematically proved that my dishes spend too much time in my room before I wash them. I think the theorem she proved also had a lemma in it about squegeeing the glass door on the shower when I was finished.

This past week was queer pride week at UCSB, and that's been a lot of fun. Instead of the usual opening rally we did sort of a mini carnival with booths and popcorn, etc, which was a real success. The wedding was a blast as always, but one of the real highlights of the week was the closing party we had on Saturday. Good music, good crowd, and I got to hang out with this guy I really like. In fact, the only thing bad about the dance was that because I seem to have no spine I never asked him to dance. I think I have this problem where when I meet someone I like I beat around the bush in friend-mode never making a move out of fear of rejection, which makes just about as much sense as never scratching your lottery ticket out of fear you didn't win anything. I think that in order to have an attractive personality I'm going to need to start exuding some confidence. At least I got him to say he'll go miniature golfing with me, and I shall hold the bastard to it.

And apparently the date is set: this Saturday I finally get a haircut.


Blogger Zeroes said...

A haircut and mini-golf? Is there no END to your madness!?

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