Sunday, April 23, 2006

Move It Or Loose It Sister, Part Deux

I'm in phase 2 of the move, which I think will be the middle phase but that depends on there only being 3 phases so I'm not sure I want to commit that nomenclature just yet. However, I will name this the Deviled Egg Phase.

Most everything at my place is in boxes except of course for my computer and other things to big for boxes. I've almost cleared out my old room at my folks' house so that I can shampoo the carpet (my room was used as a dog kennel in my absence), all except for the gigantic avocado green metal desk I've had since the 6th grade. I tried moving it myself and learned the hard way that I would need help.

When I was cleaning out the room I cam across an old garter belt I had caught at a wedding of a friend of mine (traditionaly, women gather to catch the bouquet and men gather to catch the garter belt). I think I had no idea where to keep it but at the same time I didn't want to throw it away because it seemed like an important keepsake kind of thing, so I just stashed it out of the way somewhere, but it occurred to me that if anyone over the years had found it, it probably seemed like I was trying to hide an article of woman's clothing. The idea of people thinking I'm a cross-dresser is actualy kind of funny, so the thought really didn't freak me out or anything. In general I have trouble throwing away things that hold a memory to them, but yesterday I was pretty proud of myself as I ended up throwing away a lot of it. It was very liberating.


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