Friday, June 09, 2006

Move it or Loose it Sister: Epilogue...or...The New Digs: Part 2: Newer Digs

I'm out of the temporary arrangements at my parents' and in to my new place in Goleta, which is just so wonderful for so many reasons. It could be not having to deal with the nerotic rules of my Mother, it could be the awesome house I moved in to, it could be my very cool roomates, it could be the fact that I'm now a stone's throw from both work and school (as opposed to a 15 minute drive on the 101), or it could very well be a nice combination of all of these things. My new landlord is a kindly old lady who, in an example of her kindness, is willing to buy me paint if I want to repaint my room. We even have a really nice back yard with a Lowquat tree and a charming wooden tool shack covered in ivy. It's just super. Pictures follow:




Blogger Drew said...

you know you have your bedspread on the wrong way, right?

10:13 PM  
Blogger zortnac said...

This is meerly a matter of perspective, and from my perspective it is not only on correctly, but it is done so well that it's not meerly a bed, it is the very meme of "bed."

10:17 AM  

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