Monday, April 24, 2006

Reach Out And Touch Me

I've got this new fandangled phone with a ga-google-zillion-f-wad different video game related ringtones on it and no one has been calling me. Call me and I'll assign you a cool ringtone! Just think, wouldn't you like to rest soundly knowing that when you call me the J.E.N.O.V.A. battle music from FF7 is playing? Or perhaps the thrilling crescendo in Actraiser when you spiral down to the planet to engage in battle? Is Castlevania your thing? I know it's mine! I've got 4 different Simon Belmont classics! Is your name Gybrush Threepwood and are you, in fact, a mighty pirate? EVERYTHING MUST GO! We're giving it away here at Chris' crazy ringtone emporium! 705-6630!

It's an even bigger sale than these vegetables, which is what google image search gave me when I searched for "sale!"


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