Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So I was cleaning emptying out this old behemoth of a desk that I had in my old room since 6th grade so that I can clear it out and make room for my new bed and mattress (my old loft will become storage space) and I found some things that I had thought were long, long gone. I found a VHS cassette of Galaxy Express 999 Signature Edition which I had thought I had lost years ago in a car accident (I had left it in the car before it was towed away). Well turns out I did, but I still had the box and apparently I decided to store something much more valuable in it, old home movies. The thing has about 3 hours of family birthday parties and holiday gatherings, including some golden scenes such as my cousin Matt and me on top of a truck using the antenna like a microphone and singing (screaming) Michael Jackson's Beat It, me racing my bike down the concrete grade that enters the park we used to live near and crashing in to the badminton game in progress, my cousin knocking over the camera while it was recording, all of this set to the sounds of mid-80's rock on the radio. I love it. I need to find a way to transfer it to DVD so I can give more age-proof copies to my family.

The second thing I found was a folder stuffed with all of the drawings my friend Joe and I used to do, including a map-like fold out of (about 15 pages taped together) of the secret underground base of some sort of evil and deadly organization, likes of which I'm sure we had conjured many. Also in the folder are plans for futuristic weapons with ridiculous amounts of "power crystals" and "lighting coils", etc, attached to them and labeled, plans for our very own Megaman game wherein we thought up new bosses for Megaman to fight, and last but not least some drawing from I think...3rd grade of arrest warrants for each of the 4 ninja turtles (they were stealing pizza).

I plan to have pictures of the "best of" as soon as possible.


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