Friday, April 28, 2006

Compound Loss

Man, you can't just rob me of both my favorite sandwich place in town AND what I thought was a clever name for a Nintendo system at the same time...that's rough man. The Santa Barbara Sandwich Company is gone...I didn't even see it coming nor do I know when it happened, all I got was an email from my friend Mike who found out in similar past tense fashion. Apparently the landlord, whose name is not pronounceable in the common tongue, raised the rent up by 40% or something, and they were forced to move out.

And Nintendo has an official name for their new system, formerly the Revolution. The new name is Wii, pronounced "wee." I...I don't know why. I liked the name "Revolution," because it was at least cliche-sounding. They should compensate me by making the system cheaper so I am more likely to be able to afford it when it comes out.

I believe that in the event of both of these terrible events....I BREAK SHIT!!!


Blogger Zeroes said...

I can't believe the Sammich Co. is gone. It's like a part of my trite young-adulthood has been torn from the world. Now where will I go to enjoy the best egg salad in town while basking in the beautiful dorkness that is SB?

8:38 PM  

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