Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mirror Mask was SOOOooooo Good

I'm still surprised that Mirror Mask was being shown in Santa Barbara. When I attended the panel for the film still in production at comic-con 1.5 years's ago they had said that because of the tiny budget they had (4 million), it would probobly be released straight to DVD. Not only did it get limited release, but a fairly good limited release. Gaiman's script is fantastic, and the artwork is amazing, it's like watching a Dave McKean story book come to life. The acting was also very well done, particularly the role of Helena and Valentine. I can't wait for this to come to DVD.

It's sort of sad to see writing this good get so underfunded while pieces of trash like Doom can get a budget that would probobly make me sick to my stomach. But you know, tale as old as time I guess, or at least as old as the movie industry entered the big studio age. We'll always have crap getting money and viewers it probobly doesn't deserve when compared to other things that are actualy original and worth seeing.

Did I mention it was also really funny? Neil Gaiman writes funny lines.


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