Sunday, March 09, 2008

Responding to Hate; An Open Letter to Rep. Sally Kern

A representative from Oklahoma, Rep. Sally Kern, was recorded making an anti-gay speech at a conservative Family®-based political group's meeting. Media coverage of the fallout from the release of the recording is here, and the recording is available on youtube, here. The youtube piece was produced by an LGBT political action group, the Victory Fund. My response:
Rep. Sally Kern,

My response, my opinion, is short and to the point: I think that the irrational hate that you are capable of expressing publicly makes you wholly unfit for your office. I think that to compare the gay men and women of this country to terrorists...pardon me, to say that we are even more threatening, and to describe us as a cancer, is to proclaim a brand of hate that is no less vitriolic and dangerous than the speech uttered by the KKK decades ago. I am a member of a community that faces violent acts of harassment and intolerance, and you, in your position of influence and responsibility, are contributing to, and enabling, that climate of violent intolerance. An uneducated individual who already harbors feelings of homophobia, and who hears his state representative claim that the homosexual down the street is more of a threat to him than terrorism, may choose to respond to that "threat" with violence.

I think you were right to say that you jeopardized your position with your words. As a gay American who feels affected by the horrible words you choose to share, I hope to see you loose office.


- Christopher


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