Monday, January 07, 2008

Arts and Crafts!

I was in the market for a pocket watch because I could no longer explain me not owning something so cool. I really wanted to get one with lots of exposed gears and clockwork, "skeleton" style as it's called, but from what I saw anything that was of that style also featured mechanical movement, which, don't get me wrong, totally appealed the steam-punk in me, but the practical side in me knew that I would eventually get tired of the pain in the ass of having to wind the watch daily. I once had an imitation Penari kinetic mechanical movement watch, a mechanical watch with a pendulum that winds itself automatically from everyday movement, and I couldn't even keep that going. I suppose I'm just too..sedentary...and I didn't like wearing the thing to the gym, which is too bad because from all the crazy movement I'm throwing down when I'm at the gym, it would have been clockwork, positively clockwork.

So I ended up choosing a cool quartz movement watch, the Wenger standard issue stainless steel pocket watch, which sounds boring I'll admit, but it's actually a pretty nice-looking watch. What I really like about it is the cool leather case it comes with, and a sort of matching leather plait chain. However, in an incident very un-becoming of Wenger, the plat chain broke under normal every day use within a week. Rats.

So I made a new one!*

* "made a new one" involved buying leather straps and practicing how to make a leather plait, with no luck, and so I ended up seeking out the expert opinion of my best friend's dad, who was raised on a ranch and was also an eagle scout, so, he was very helpful.


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