Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Touch of the Plague

This week I've had to work from home, leave work early, and call in sick all-together, thanks to this nasty fever/head-cold combo bug. In retrospect, trying to work from home the first ill day instead of just resting while cartoons on the television invaded my dreams, as well as going to work the next day, and going to the gym afterwards, and going to the gym the following morning, all while I wasn't "all better," but instead, "definitely feeling better so what's a little exercise going to harm me," were all bad ideas. Leaving work early was the start of a bout of fatigue and dizziness that developed in to one of the most hellish nights of sleepless fatigue, fever-dream-logic (both waking and non-waking), and dry mouth I can ever remember. I think I need to learn to take care of my body more because, ironically, it's my compulsive nature to want to take care of my body in one respect that has me completely failing in another.

I've been spending my time trying to do things that aren't physically assertive: reading, playing video games, watching Lilo and Stitch. Today I paused to wonder why my villagers in the town of Kasandora would build their homes so close to the very same evil pyramid that they were asking me to vanquish in their prayers not two burnt sacrifices ago. On that note, I beat the game in one sitting, though still with not enough world population to reach the maximum level.

The image I posted is, again, of the town of Kasandora, which is the city that is stricken by plague...and here I am myself, plague-stricken...hmmmm


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