Wednesday, March 19, 2008

At Least, It Was Until It Broke

I'm thoroughly convinced now that bad people go to the gym. Having my zune stolen marks the 3rd item of value stolen from me while at the gym, and also raises the important question of who in their right mind would be stupid enough to steal a zune? I really just...and I know this is sad...can't imagine life without my music collection and my podcasts (mmm...public radio, so dead pan and delicious), especially when at the gym, and so I wasted no time in replacing it with a zune 80, which is an 80 GB, 2nd generation of the first. Bigger battery life, a glass screen, an aesthetic re-design, a new touch-pad-but-also-clickable "sqircle" button, etc. Actually, as much as I love the term "squircle," as the button is a square with heavily rounded edges, Microsoft names it the zune...pad, or soemthing stupid, I don't recall. I think the most important upgrade with the new generation is that this is actually novel hardware, as opposed to the face-lifted Toshiba Giga-beat, which is essentially what the original zune was, that was rushed out on to shelves so that Microsoft could get their foot in the market in time for the holidays that year.

Whatever. All of these things were enough to sway me towards the 2nd generation zune instead of an ipod. It arrived in just a day's time thanks to amazon prime, and after an evening of use, it basically bricked. The unit froze during a file transfer, and afterwards when the software was insisting that it, for some reason, needed to re-flash the firmware, my brand new zune 80 proved to be un-firmware-flashable. A total bummer, or so my spoiled, privileged ass thought. Amazon, though, has a really prompt product return service, and the day after next I had my replacement, which works just fine.

I hate dwelling on negative things that can't be helped, changed or positively resolved, but I really wanted to find out who stole my original zune. I had left it on the floor accidentally and found it missing not 20 minutes later. If it was something I had lost on the street, I could understand more if I never saw it again, though I still think that the ultimately honest thing to do would be to turn it in to the police station or use craigslist, but in a gym, where you know that the person who forgot a certain expensive device on the floor will be back to look for it and to check the lost and found with about 99.99% certainty, not turning it in is a pretty shitty display of character. Enough ranting about that though; what's done is done. I had been hoping that when I eventually upgraded, I was going to give my old zune away or donate it or something. Now someone else certainly does have it, just not anyone that deserves to.


Blogger Drew said...

Did you go to the bad people gym, by any chance? I think I may have. I quite my gym membership. Did I tell you that? I was convinced I wasn't accepted by the people there, so they're clearly the evil ones in the matter. The fact is, you should have asked the gym staff if the gym you used was the one for bad people. Like, maybe it didn't say that on the door on the way in, but it probably did, somewhere, in small type.

12:28 PM  
Blogger zortnac said...

It said something along the lines of "Fax mentis incendium gloria cultum et cetera, et cetera...Memo bis punitor delicatum!"

But I don't know what that means, something to do with Fizzy Lifting Drinks I think.

12:46 PM  

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