Saturday, July 07, 2007

Stick A Fork In Me

I'm done. Well, at least for now, since my friends keep telling me I should leave open the possibility of a PhD, though I currently have no such plans for piling it higher and deeper. To the right is my adviser Tim and I after I had passed my defense. I was fortunate to have a professor that I really admire on my committee, though she did catch me off guard with a couple of her questions. It's an exhilarating feeling...finally being done with school after, dang, after nine years. Four years at SBCC, and 5 at UCSB, though I don't regret a single one.

So, Masters degree in hand, I'm out in the "real world," currently working at a really fun place only blocks from my new place where I'm doing really fun stuff with ruby on rails. Web development is worlds away from my research, but it's challenging and fun to write and that's really all that matters. Also, I have a chance to work with some people I went to school with that I greatly admire. The plan right now, I think, is to be in Santa Barbara for at least the next year. A year from now I'll see where I'm at and re-factor.


Blogger Zeroes said...


That is all.

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Blogger Drew said...

Hey Chris. Long time no blog.

Congrats on graduating. And getting a job. The latter is a luxury we liberal arts kids don't often get. And where is your new place? Do you live in Santa Barbara now? Or are you all big on the Goleta thing still? Since you have a job, I'm hoping the latter isn't the case. We should hang out.

Um, also... Randomly... I may have been checking to see if you were on MySpace recently. And I may have searched for your name on it. And a certain profile may have popped up that had your name but... um... none of your characteristics. And I was wondering if you hand a neato explanation for that.

Well? Any answers to any of the above questions would be appreciated.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

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