Thursday, March 15, 2007

Unwanted Personal Mannerisms

Recently I've been making a very strong conscious effort to rid myself of this mannerism that I've picked up from working at Borders. Maybe mannerism isn't the right word for it...speaking habit? We'll just call it a mannerism. Essentially what's happened is that I've gotten so used to my repetitive routine when talking to customers, that I've worked elements of that routine in to my normal speech. The exchange is usually something like this: I'll explain something to them about our store, a policy, a product and whether or not it's in stock, and they'll usually respond with some kind of affirmation of what I said, with a question or statement of their own. My response to that is always the same: "yeah."

So now I have this little problem where I'm often finishing my sentences with "yeah," usually a very short pause after the sentence...yeah. It makes me sound like I'm not all there in the head...yeah. You know, like one of those people who isn't crazy per se, but who just sort of seems a Yeah.

God help me...yeah.


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