Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On The Proper Dealings With The Unkempt: Being A Rant And Speculation On The Future

I've decided that I'm going to be finding a new place to live. It won't be until the end of the school year for the sake of simplicity, but I'm pretty sure that I don't want to live in the placer house any more. This is been a difficult decision, primarily for two reasons. The first is that I genuinely like nearly all of my house mates, which isn't to say that there is one that I don't like, just that I don't feel the same sense of...warmth and consideration from one in particular that I do from the rest. The second is that I have the master bedroom with a private bathroom and I'm paying a ridiculously small amount of rent for it considering Santa Barbara prices.

However, all of the good aside, I find that I just cannot share a house with people who don't seem to care about...the house. My house mates are, for lack of a term less offensive to them, slobs. There seems to be no sense of pitching in around the house, and it really seems like I'm the only one who cares about having common areas that aren't littered with trash and smell like stale pot and old food. I don't mean to berate their lifestyle, but I can't live like that. I've always been hesitant to complain because apparently the person whom I replaced when I moved in was a compulsive control freak who took cleanliness to a level that he defined and ruled on with an iron fist, and I don't want to be compared to that. Besides, I don't think like that, I think that cleanliness should just be a goal in general that everyone in the house strives for in at least some amount. When I'm the only one in the house who seems to care that there is food on the kitchen floor covered in a trail of ants enough to stop and clean it up, then it's clear that I don't belong in that house.

I used to clean pretty frequently until I noticed that I was really the only one doing it, which can really make you wonder why you're bothering at all. I can spend my time cleaning so that my house mates can trash it within days...or I can just let it be and live in my room. I don't really like either of those options. I have a theory that messy people fall in to two general categories: those that honestly don't see anything wrong with living in a dirty house, and those that are just lazy or immature about it. As per the first, which seems to be half of my house mates, I really can't hold that much of a grudge at all since that's just the way they like to live, and so I have a measure of understanding. I have to say what bothers me much, much more are the type who acknowledge that things are bad, but who deny responsibility to do anything about it. "Oh, it's not my problem; none of those dishes in the sink are mine; none of mess in the living room is mine; etc etc."

This goes back to my earlier statement about no sense of group effort, sort an immature attitude that belongs back home when you were 9 years old living with Mom and Dad and arguing that it was your sister who should have cleaned the living room. One of my roommates in particular, the one whom I seem to connect with the least, has a sphere of consideration that doesn't seem to extend beyond his room and the bathroom that he has to use. I really can't remember the last time I saw him doing something around the house unless I count when his partner is doing it.

But enough ranting, because this isn't meant to be me attacking my house mates. This is simply me stating that I need a new place to live, because I'm clearly not working with this house. It's a shame, because like I said, I otherwise enjoy living with these guys, and even with those of them that I feel less of a connection with, we share a large number of interests.

Oh, and there's the issue of our eternal house guest whom is quickly being labeled in my mind as a leech who uses our internet, stores his booze in our kitchen, sleeps on our couch until past noon the next day without cleaning up his "bed," and doesn't seem to really contribute anything back to the house in recompense...but that's another story.


Blogger krushton said...

As a semi-perpetual houseguest who also uses the internet and has left booze in the kitchen, I am sorry.

As someone who can kind of see things from the outside, I would say that you should talk to them - but nothing will change if it is at all a friendly talk. The only way to deal with conflict-avoiding people is to make the conflict impossible to ignore - but as that usually involves yelling at people, which you don't seem to do... I guess you don't have a choice if these things are unbearable.

11:40 AM  
Blogger zortnac said...

You are not whom I was referring to in the slightest! I enjoy your company at the house very much.

8:40 PM  

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