Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Simulation That Never Ended

I'm sitting here watching a simulation run in an terminal window through an SSH connection to one of the computers in one of the instructional labs at school, where the simulation is actually running. On my desk in my lab sits my laptop, with another 15 or so terminal windows open, similarly connected to various computers in labs to run simulations. All of this in an effort to divide up the work so I can get all of these things done sooner. If I had done this during the school year, running processes on 15 or some computers at 100% CPU utilization, that might make me some kind of douche bag, but since it's spring break and the labs are empty, no harm done. I'm hoping that they all finish before I leave for Mexico tomorrow since I'd like to take my laptop with me.

I'd be running them from sessions logged in from my desktop at home, but not only is our internet connection very iffy and prone to random disconnects (at which point my session and all of its spawned processes die and I can't figure out how to detach them so that wouldn't happen), but my computer has recently been randomly freezing up and showing me windows stop errors which I'm pretty sure is either from a bad motherboard or bad RAM, something I hope to fix when I have time.

In the mean time I'm looking at this single simulation I do have running from home hoping it will finish already and save its output before my computer, or my connection, take a dive. I'm not even playing mp3s or anything...I don't want to give my computer any more reason to croak.

I'm excited for Mexico. Tomorrow I leave for Burbank, stay the night with my friend Shaun, and then the two of us leave for La Paz for about 5 days. Shaun doesn't mind missing the first 2 days of school next quarter, and I'm taking a leave of absence (ie no classes and you pay a fraction of normal tuition) so that I can finish this thesis and graduate already.


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