Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fun With A Theme

Wait, I think I recognize these two from an old photo...

Oh...wait, I guess they don't really like it when you point out flaws in their reasoning, huh? My bad.

Thanks, CCF for protecting our children from the dangerous same-sex marriage licenses and for the source material.


Blogger Regan said...

All four of them that currently have been employed by all fifty states for the last century.

1. Marriage only between those of legal age.

2. Marriage between those who are currently unmarried.

3. Both consent and are agreeable.

4. Both are unrelated by blood, by first or near generation.

It does not say children are required.
Nor similar states of mental and physical fitness, nor economic parity, nor criminal or educational status, nor of maximum age, nor requiring a minimum or maximum of children, nor be of the same religious, ethnic or cultural background, nor of similar or closeness in age.
Nor, no matter how many acts of adultery, divorce, child abandonment or financial irresponsibility and spousal abuse-marriage is repeatable as many times as wanted.

This guy with the sign doesn't know the rules or can't appreciate that gay people WANT to follow the rules.
It's just that they want different rules for gay folks that straight people never have to follow themselves.

The illogic of heterosupremacy strikes again!

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