Tuesday, March 27, 2007

National Day Of Silencing Your Own

This is golden. notourkids.com, an offshoot of missionamerica.com, is a political action encouraging righteous Christians everywhere to pull their children out of school on National Day of Silence (official site) as an act of protesting the "homosexual activism and indoctrination" it represents. Yes, you read that right. If you had any sort of silly notion that NDoS existed to bring awareness to school bullying and real-world violence towards queer people in hopes of fighting it, then clearly you got your information from some indoctrinating homosexual activist......like...me? Uh oh.

The website is funny to me for a couple of reasons, first is simply the content: in this FAQ they use iron clad reasoning to explain why NDoS is, in fact, not about promoting tolerance); in their mission statement they respond to the idea of teaching kids about bullying with: "Even the strongest of our junior high and high school children are not equipped to serve as frontline soldiers in this culture war." Frontline soldiers. Culture war. I love it.

But more so, and the reason I wanted to blog on this, is simply the name of the website: "Not Our Kids."

It's that classic idea that those doing the condemning are, themselves, so white and pure, set apart from what they label as sinful. "Not our kids..." and if your child happens to be gay? What is your opinion of fighting school bullying at that point? When your kid gets called "faggot" or when your kid sees on the news that an old man was bludgeoned with a pipe for being gay, do you still prepend the word "alleged" whenever you try to downplay the oppression, violence and bullying of Queer people?

I'm sorry I forgot, your kids aren't gay. Homosexuality is never a perfectly normal minority of any family, neighborhood, community or country, it's always the product of sinful lifestyle, broken families, overbearing mothers and distant fathers, not God-fearing families such as yours. Nope, no homos here. Not your kids.

I keep forgetting, your kids also don't have sex, which I'm sure is why you feel justified in promoting abstinence only education while at the same time fighting a woman's right to choose. Your kids don't masturbate or have any "impure thoughts" which is why you don't have to talk to them about developing healthy expressions of sexuality and how to respect the idea of consent and to despise sexual assault. Your kids certainly don't drink because you told them to "never mind the bottle of scotch grandpa keeps in the top cabinet, alcohol is wrong" which is much easier than teaching them how to drink responsibly.

Not your kids.

Do me a favor, please, protect me from the people you're helping your children grow to become. Wait, I'll better idea: get someone to help protect your poor kids from you.


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This really is a great post. I quoted from it. Thanks for the tip!

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