Monday, February 06, 2006

Feeling like the bottom of the heap

Ugh....I was at a party last night and felt a feeling that I've not felt since high school...Embarrassment at the hands of others in a social setting. There's this guy I saw on facebook that looked pretty cool, so I messaged him saying hi. I've got a pretty dry sense of humor, bordering on strange I guess, and I think that sometimes when I'm shy I think being silly is my way of dealing with that. So anyway, the message was a silly one, a dumb joke about him being tall, and maybe that was a bad idea; maybe I should save my sense of humor for people who know me. So the guy doesn't respond, whatever. I see him at this party, and later in the night I overhear him repeating my message verbatim to other people, going on about how "creepy" it was (I guess he thought the message was serious?). I don't know if he knew I was standing right there or whatever....but I felt like I wanted to crawl under a rock and die.

I seized the opportunity and walked up to him and basically just said that I didn't mean to creep him out, that I was just being silly. He formally introduced himself, shook my hand, said that is was cool and all, but he seemed kind of drunk at the time so he probably still thinks I'm a creep.

Maybe I am a creep...that would explain the restraining order my parents have on me at least.


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