Thursday, January 12, 2006

Who the fuck is this dumb? I'm at Wildcat lounge and some guy asks me for my number. I'm pretty jazzed about the whole thing because, well, that never really happens to me. We dance for a little bit and then eventually split up for the rest of the evening. A day or so later he messages me asking if I want to hang out. I tell him I'm not able too because of prior commitments, but that I'd really like to. The next day he asks me if I want to join him for a yoga class. The text message session goes something like this:

Me: "Sure! where and when?"

Him: "City Yoga, on fairfax and Santa Monica"

"Santa in...LA"

"Well yeah, where are you"

"I'm in SB"

The conversation ends there. I really felt like responding, "I'm in SB, you know, the TOWN WHERE WE FUCKING MET?" Who goes to a club in a different town, meets someone, and assumes that they're not only also out of town, but form the same place as you? A friend weighed in on the subject with the claim that in LA, they're "as cute as they are dumb." I have to say, the guy certainly was cute.


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