Monday, February 06, 2006

Not a car day

I must have picked up a nail or something the other night over at Ludick's house, because I remember hearing something coming from the tire when I was driving home, but I couldn't see anything with my flashlight when I got out to check. Well, I don't know why I just said "nail or something" because I know for a fact it was a nail, having visually confirmed it the next day when I saw it sticking out of my very flat tire. I wait for 2 hours at Big Brand for their free flat tire fix, and head home for a bout half an hour to eat before I have to be back at school. When I try to start up the car I find I can't turn the key in the ignition.


This is all to painfully familiar....this has happened to me before. In fact, this is the second time my ignition lock has failed on me in just as many years. Way to go Ford. Turns out that the ignition lock parts in ford Foci are notoriously BAD and likely to break often. Mel Clayton Ford (read: scam artist assholes) wants me to pay $450 for parts and labor. Yeah, does lube come with that ass raping? I found the part online for $30. I'm going to do my best to solve this myself before I pay those jerks a fortune to fix a part that didn't last 2 years after the last time they "fixed" it.

Windriders never get broken ignition locks...


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