Monday, February 06, 2006

Watching doesn't guarantee a citing

I'm not sure how all of my friends spent their superbowl Sunday, but I'm moderately pleased to say that I spent mine doing nothing at all related to football. Instead, I went with a friend of mine from grad school and some friends of his to go sailing on a small boat he has in the venture harbor. More specifically, we went whale watching. Only thing is...we didn't really see any whales, and I got seasick and threw up twice, which Chris made damn sure to get on camera. I'm not entirely sure if it was the sea that made me sick or the Arbys that Chris insisted upon eating before the outing. Afterwards we drove around the pricey neighborhood of Venture Keys: large houses with private marinas connecting to the ocean in their own back yard. All in all I would not have traded the day for anything else. Still, if I go out again I'm taking some Dramamine®.

An another note, below is a picture of the coolest boat name in existence. Yes, you read it right: "My Cat Ate A Whole Watermelon."


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