Sunday, February 26, 2006

Back in Business

So after a final few last-attemp jabs from fate in all things car related (namely, I needed 3 separate jump starts on the second replacement car), my Focus is back up and running. I even decided to wash it and add a great little sticker that goes very nicely in contrast to a sticker my co-worker has on his Focus. His is blue on his silver Focus, and mine is black on my red one. I think it looks just snazzy.


Hotels sold out this year in a record 3 hours. I spent a very stressful evening that day trying to find another place to stay and got lucky with a place that Josh and I stayed at one year that isn't on the comic-con list this year, but is still two blocks from a hotel that is, which means it's two blocks from a shuttle point. That's really all that matters is distance to a shuttle point so that you don't end up having to drive or walk LONG distances to the convention center. Last time we stayed at the Westin Hortin Plaza, which is built in to awesome said plaza and in walking distance from the convention center so you don't have to deal with the shuttles at all. I'm on the waiting list for that place, but it's nice to know that we've got rooms even if that doesn't pan out.


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