Monday, September 05, 2005

The End of a Borders Dynasty ("Bornasty")

I say farewell to my awesome co-workers from Borders store 406 in Goleta "The Good Land" California. Eddie, Stacy, "Hot" Paul, Anna, and last but not least, Cecily, who may not have been around for long but damn it she makes good Irish coffees. I could always count on Eddie to have the biggest most shit-eating dumb-ass amazing wonderfully grin on his face no matter what was happening at work. Stacy, my beloved fiance, dear to my heart, I'll never forget our night at the Blue Agave. Paul, AKA, "Hot" Paul, AKA "The Gehrke," you command the English language with an iron fist and use the word "Indeed" with a sense of ownership not seen since the invention of house mortgages. Anna, banana, queen of bling, keeper of the sacred gossip, you shall be missed. Cecily, hoping I spelled your name right, you delightfully Irish girl, I have one thing to say: supahfood!


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