Friday, October 27, 2006

For no mere mortal can resist the evil of 80's music

Queer Student Union celebrated National Coming Out day with a dance again this year, and even though I said in the very beginning that while I was willing to help organize it, I wasn't going to spearhead it since it was sort of a task last year, I ended up doing pretty much that. No regrets though, and no self-martyrdom or anything like that. QSU is a really great group this year and I didn't have trouble finding help for anything. In fact, on the day of the dance I had a blast hanging out with Shaun most of the day as we zipped around grabbing food from costco and speaker equipment.

Since I had suddenly become in charge of the dance again, I figured that the path of least resistance would be to use the same flyer and music collection, and viola, we were having another 80's dance.

The dance went down without a hitch. The turnout was decent, the people who came had a lot of fun, and the room we used ended up working out really well for the event. The downsides were that all of my friends and co-workers, except for one, who didn't know about the dance except through my invitation and who promised me they'd be there all let me down. That kind of hurt. Some of them had legitimate reasons, but in the end I can't get over the idea of "all of them flaked but 1." Oh well. Another really shitty thing that happened, and I just found out about this today, is that a couple of people who sometimes attend QSU meetings and who were originally planning on going to the dance, decided to throw their own queer party in IV at the last second, and then decided to mass-text message a ton of people who were at the dance.

Turns out this is why there was a massive exodus of people long before the party was through. Finding out about that kind of sucked too. I don't know if these guys meant any spite out of it, maybe they just genuinely wanted to throw a party and didn't think that texting everyone of whom they knew were at a different party was sort of a shitty thing to do. Either they were being innocently inconsiderate, or they were just being dicks, and in either case I sort of keep expecting people to have outgrown that shit by this age (although one might point out that being a 3rd year grad student I'm not exactly in the same age group). I don't mean to arrogantly sit here and make it seem like I'm the only one who's allowed to have a queer party on a Saturday night, but when I think about all the work by a handful of good people that went in to putting it together, and when I think about how much all those people leaving within 20 minutes of each other really killed the dance...I really can't think of any word to describe it other than shitty. I wouldn't do that to another person's would be a shitty thing for me to do.

That paragraph marks the end of me dwelling on the bad. From henceforth I shall focus on the good, and that was that everyone who came, including those who stayed, had a great time, and in that picture of me and Shaun, between the Queer bomb shirt, the 80's rainbow suspenders, and the candy necklace, I look REALLY gay :-)

Video killed the radio star.


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Sadly, it turns out that grown-up life is EXACTLY like high school. It's just that some of us get to be the staff this time around.

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