Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Thought Not Having Internet Was Bad

The power is out here at our little castle on Placer drive. There is also a small lock attached to our breaker box and a pamphlet from the power company letting us know how we can do our part to fight terrorism by paying our bill on time. A couple days back Cox had cut our internet connection because we had paid our bill too late, and the payment didn't go through before the cut-off date.

I imagine the same thing has happened here. My roommate has had a lot on his plate recently related to his band and putting on large events, so I hope this is a rare thing. Cox service going down for part of the day is one thing, having no power in your house is really another.

Oh...right...for the curious, I'm currently on my laptop and stealing bandwidth through the walls off of my neighbors 802.11 signal. He was kind enough to no encrypt it.


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