Wednesday, August 30, 2006

to a Perfection

I had planned on starting Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space after having finished the Hyperion Cantos, but finding myself hooked on Dan Simmons I went straight to Ilium and I've got Olympos (the sequel and conclusion) on my shelf ready for when I finish. Ilium is as good as it is hard to describe. Greek Gods, far-future quantum physics technology, sentient robots habitating the outer planets of the solar system and who study Shakespeare and Proust, mount Olympos on Mars, the Trojan war....all of this told over different points in history, during the trojan war and on in to the far far future.

I always really liked far-future science fiction. I feel like science fiction can really work as a medium for writing about the human condition when your characters are in a future so far ahead that everything is alien and the author had a clean creative slate.'s a picture of a loofa sponge I took when I was taking a shower. I liked the way the beads of water formed on it.


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