Saturday, August 19, 2006

Doing It Old School

I'm finally putting my retro gaming machine together so that I can play some of my old favorites that either do not run or do not run well in DosBox, which is pretty much now the most effective way to play old dos games (so long as they're not too CPU intensive). Also worth looking into is VDMSound, which, although long since abandoned by its dev team, is a good alternative for games that can get away with not having that fullyemulated DOS environment and as a result run faster.

It's a simple P2 with 128 MB main memory on an old Asus board. I was hoping to get the version my board that had ISA ports so that I could have ultimate unquestioned sound card support in DOS, but alas, a good sound card remains my last hurdle. I've found a great site that lists which sound cards and their chipsets are most compatable with DOS, so now I know what to look for on eBay.


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