Wednesday, June 21, 2006

But I Hate Sports...

I never get athlete's foot, as a general rule, except for maybe a couple of times when I was a kid and that maybe have just been something I thought was athlete's foot because my feet were itchy. Keeping in line with the pouring-when-raining bylaws of fate and irony, I actually get athlete's feet (well just one foot actually) and it's so bad that I need prescription strength treatment for it. On top of that, the infection was compounded with a poison oak infection; double my pleasure.

There's a policy at work that's not really a general Borders policy but apparently more of a store rule that open toed shoes can't be worn, for good reason, I admit. Still, having a good reason for a rule isn't, in my opinion, enough to enforce said rule even under special circumstances. In this case, special circumstances equaled my foot swelling up to Hobbit proportions when spent all day in a shoe, while standing. I tried to explain to one of my supervisors that in my 3 years at the store I had not dropped a single thing on my foot nor had a lost it in a industrial strength book shredder, and how this establishes a pretty low probability of a foot incident, low enough to let one employee go a day in sandals to save him some pain. Alas. I took a picture of the infection when it was swollen, but I'll not post it for reasons of etiquette.

However, I will post this picture from the student health building. The label that is blurry and hard to read (because camera phones are absolutely worthless) reads: "Anal Scopes, KY jelly, and something I can't read or remember." Of all the drawers and all the labels, it was the only one with a happy face sticker.


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