Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Breach of Etiquette; A Man Proves His Douchebaggary

Today at work a man was using his cell phone as his mp3 player. This in and of itself is really not all that bad or shocking, even though it is sad to see people using cell phones as their mp3 players, since it makes it seem like they've totally been sold on the lie that cell phones can make good mp3 players. What this guy did to forge new territory in being a complete tool was that he wasn't using earphones...he was pulling the 2006 equivalent of holding a boom box on your shoulder and blasting your music for all to hear, only instead of walking a busy city street, he was in the sci-fi/fantasy genre section of a bookstore...blasting his country music on his belt-strapped cell phone. Instead of asking him to stop with the, I thought it would be better to make sure each and every coworker had a chance to whiteness him in all of his bastardly glory before making the not-so-subtle overhead announcement that customers are reminded to check out our exciting selection of headphones.


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